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The idea that there's one definition of family is changing. Families are becoming more diverse.
There are single career as well as dual career families, two parent as well as single parent families, "intact" as well as blended families, married as well as unmarried cohabiting parents, single race as well as interracial families, two- as well as three-generational families.

What's the ideal family for raising well-adjusted kids?
bulletshowing affection
bulletbeing responsive to children's needs
bulletencouraging children to do well
bulletgiving every day assistance
bulletproviding supervision
bulletexercising noncoercive discipline
bulletserving as role models of positive
Families are products of the society or societies which weave them, and they transmit the social strengths and frailties of those larger social institutions. While ancestry does not in any sense determine destiny, cognition of collective family experiences shapes development of individual and collective consciousness in crucial ways.


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