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Guiding Principle

Teamwork. "The game isn't about proficiency in soccer. It's about proficiency in team building and being goal-oriented, two things that translate perfectly to our work off the field. Everyone who wants to play, plays, and we mix and match teams from week to week. And we definitely keep score. It's a big deal around here."

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Your credit:
Correcting mistakes on your credit report: 

There are standard procedures to get rid of mistakes on your credit report.

But, remember that erasing report errors can take time. As the wheels of correction grind slowly, there may be weeks -- or even months -- of phone calls and exchanging of real mail or e-mail.

    • If you feel that a credit bureau has not responded promptly and fairly to your situation, contact the attorney general of your state or the Federal Trade Commission in Washington at 202-FTC-HELP.

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    When people talk about getting online, it means being connected to the Internet. The Internet, sometimes called the Net, is a huge group of interconnected computer networks that spans the globe. It has many features, but is generally used as a way to communicate, use information tools and find endless amounts of information from an unlimited number of sources...
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